Ned Erickson

Ned loves to write. He loves to speak and thoroughly enjoys teaching, discussing, entertaining and partying. But he does not love to market himself. And between you and me, he's no good at it. So will you help him? Will you join the team to help this story reach the world?  Become a member now and Ned will send you Clay the sticker!

​Become a member of TEAM CLAY

10 Ways to Spread the Love

​Tell mom to get her book club to read Clay

Rock Clay the t-shirt to school/work

Slap Clay the sticker on your guitar case

Write a mesmerizing review of Clay on Amazon and Goodreads

Borrowing = good. Buying = better.

(think about it)

Like Clay on Facebook. Follow Nederickson on Twitter. Instagram yourself with Clay stuff

Have your school, church, Young Life area, and club invite Ned to come speak

Officially change your name to Clay

Take a pottery class and make a mini-Clay and put him on your desk