Ned Erickson

How to lead a discussion on CLAY?

First of all, thanks. I’m excited that you are reading this book in community because Clay is a living book. It poses more questions than it answers, and the author (me) is still discovering new things each time he reads it through. All that to say, there will be no wrong answers as you discuss this story’s meaning and contents.
Second, these questions I’ve prepared for you likely contain more discussion material than you could possibly need. So it is OK not to answer every question. Third, it’s OK not to ask any of these questions. Let the conversation go where it goes. As One-Eye says to Clay, the challenge is getting things to speak. Once people are talking, let the conversation and topic wind its way like Mule Lick Creek.
Fourth, contact me. If it’s possible I’d be happy to call or Skype in!
Lastly, have fun. The questions I’ve written are pretty deep. Go there if you want. But keep it light-hearted as well.

In conclusion, pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink, get comfortable, and have a great time!

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